The concept of Powerline.io game is similar to Splix.io and Slither.io. It also lets you play as a snake-like character, or you can call it a power line, and your main job is to roam the map to increase it by collecting a bunch of orbs dropped by the dead players. The more orbs you consumed, the longer you will become. But there is always a risk during your quest, which is that you may crash into the other players’ lines. If that happens, your game will be over instantly. Try to use your tactics to get an edge over the enemies. You can make electricity or even speed up the line to run away from them or chase them down. Try to boost it when you get closer to other lines. Use your length to circle them, meaning they don’t have any exits, which forces them to collide with your line. The goal of this IO game is to climb the top of the leaderboard.

Powerline.io Mods

Powerline.io mods promise to make your game more awesome to play when there are so many interesting features added via the mods. Mostly, the mods give you further advantages, so you can cope with the enemies easily.

Powerline.io Skins

Choose one of your favorite Powerline.io skins then put it on your power line to make it more beautiful and outstanding. There are so various skins featured in the game, so let’s check them out!

How to play

Just simply take control of your power line in the game by pressing arrow keys.

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