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About YoHoHo.io

YoHoHo.io is a pirate game with battle royale element. Do you believe that one day you can become a pirate ruling all the islands? Now let’s live up your dream with Yohoho.io pirate game. Once you spawn in the arena, you are a hostile pirate trying to destroy all other enemy pirates to increase your size. Being armed with an amazing dashing ability, you can use it to speed up yourself, which helps you bypass all enemies easily. Never be hesitant in dealing damage to them! You must shoot them down first and stop them from killing you. As you move, remember to gather gold coins and make sure you elude the danger zone. If you fall into it, a lot of damage will be given to you. Will you be strong enough to become the scariest pirate? Let your skills be truly tested in Yohohoio battle royale game! Good luck to you!

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How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Press the left mouse or use the spacebar to attack enemies.

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