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About WormsZone.io

Have a new snake game experience with WormsZone.io unblocked! Playing Slither-like io games online is always thrilling. WormsZone.io online follows the concept of Slither.io. This means players start as a small worm but end up as a big worm. You have a long way to go to reach the big size. As you spawn in the map, you should hunt for lots of animals that are dispersed on the ground and eat them up to get your size bigger.

It’s good to eat any animals that you see on your way because it will build up your size to make you a bigger and stronger worm through over time. Besides animals, don’t forget to consume some power-ups that can be used to get an edge over your enemies in WormsZone.io game. You can decide to avoid them if you are not ready for the fight. It’s still better to protect yourself against anything in the arena, even including the enemies. Keep focusing on improving yourself and wait for a perfect time to attack enemies. The killing mechanism in this title is the same as in Slither.io.

This means you also use your big body to go around the enemies until they run into you with their heads. Or, you can speed up your worm to outmaneuver them and cut them off, which makes them collide with your body too. After killing enemies, collect their remains to get your size even bigger. You aim for the top rank on the leaderboard, so play and get it!

How to play

Your worm’s movement is controlled by the mouse. Use the left/right mouse buttons or the spacebar for acceleration.

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