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About Wormate.io

Wormate.io is an addictive Slither style game. Explore every hack and master all to become the biggest worm as soon as possible! Although it is based on the original, you can find some changes in the forthcoming non-stop adventures, especially power-ups. Collecting them will bring back multiple exciting special effects. Even, they will help you get an edge over rivals nearby. Besides, there are more customizations and fantastic food graphics improvements.

Wander around the map of Wormate.io online you do not forget to eat and grow bigger. Aside from that, it is interesting to kill other opponents and loot their mass to rank up faster. You can eliminate somebody in Wormate.io unblocked by making their head bump into your tail. You are allowed to apply old cheats from Slither.io. So, you do not run into anybody or you will explode into pieces. While it is easy to boost speed, you must control your skills carefully or you can be eaten. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, left mouse to speed up

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