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About Wormania.io

Wormania.io is a multiplayer exciting Slither-Style Snake game where you roam around the map in the shape of a little neon worm seeking a lot of colored dots that are dispersed on the floor. Since you are just a very small worm, you must grow your size through over time by eating those dots. You keep eating them until you reach an enormous size. Aside from collecting the dots, you should go find some power-ups that will bring you more different abilities and you will find it much more powerful to battle against other enemy worms. To kill them, use your long body to encircle them, force them to run into your tail while trying to defend your head from crashing into their tails. If you get destroyed, the game will be over, and you will restart it from scratch. Can you out-grow all other players? Try it now! Good luck!

How to play

Simply use the left mouse button to speed up.

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