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User: Jade Published: 28 March, 2022

Terms of Use at Powerline-io.org require users to comply to create a good playing field for everyone. Its contents can be changed in the future if necessary

Terms of use at powerline-io.org contribute to improving service quality, good for both users and website administrators. We need to have common rules to create a healthy playing field, suitable for the majority of users. You are required to comply with the terms, including our Privacy Policy.

All terms of use have gone through several stages of moderation before coming to users. Please read the information in this article carefully to help create a level playing field that works for everyone. If you do not accept, please do not use our service until you change your mind.

Our copyright to the content on Powerline-io.org

Powerline-io.org is a website dedicated to sharing io games online. We, therefore, want you to understand that we are not the creators of the products at this site. We allow you to play games online but do not own all copyrights of the games here, including copyrights on images and related files.

If any problems related to the game arise, we will not be responsible, hope you understand this. On the contrary, we will try to update the best io games of various topics to give you the optimal experience. You can also send suggestions for some of your favorite games, we will try to update soon to requests.

However, the rest of the content on this website is our property. Through our team of experienced developers, we always provide brief descriptions of each game on this site. This will give you easier access to the games, including detailed gameplay, graphics, sounds, and instructions.

Finally, we want you to be responsible and compliant with the content on this website. You may not copy content and share it on other platforms without our permission. Any violations, if detected, will have handling methods according to the opinion of the website management board.

Your account at this website

Creating an account at this website is essential, it will help you access the services in a more optimal way. By entering personal information, then authorizing us to use your information is possible to register immediately. Of course, you can also refer to the Privacy Policy to better understand how we use your information.

However, after successfully creating an account, it is your responsibility to protect your privacy. You should not share your personal account with anyone no matter what. Besides, you can also make some changes related to account information in Settings without censorship. Remember that we will not be responsible if you share information with others.

Some reasons that you should comply with the Terms of Use at this site

We believe that any website will have its own Terms of Use to be suitable for development purposes. Those are all rules that website owners have compiled and require users to follow. If anyone makes sure not to break the law, a healthy playing field will be formed, and this website is no exception.

That is also the main reason for forming the terms of use on this website. The terms and conditions are not immutable, we always welcome comments from users. Just make sure the content is right, in line with the general trend, and we will change it according to your feedback.

We always welcome new users to this site, but any violations will be ban. Violation of the terms of use is unacceptable, if detected, we will remove you from this playground. Of course, you can also submit a request if there are any errors, we will review them.

Disclaimer in some cases

We do not have any responsibility for your acts of posting false content on this website. Please do not share sensitive or offensive content. All false information will be handled in accordance with the law. Of course, we’ll do a lot of work to get rid of these behaviors, but there’s bound to be flawed.

This playground is from us, but it does not mean that we will bear any loss related to the problems that arise. Typically the process of using the service, or downloading content at this website.

We can change terms of use from time to time, so it will be flexible in the future. We reserve the right to change the text of the terms of use whenever appropriate, and of course, you need to agree to the new changes in order to continue using.

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