About Tank.io

Tank.io is a cool HTML5 Battle Royale game online. Explore a multiplayer arena along with teammates and fight against all of the enemies your way! Take control of a tank and you can move alone or with friends. The main aim is to become the ultimate player. Therefore, you should play Tank.io unblocked wisely to complete the target before your foes. The vehicle that you drive will be equipped with a turret. It is the primary weapon that you can use to attack and eliminate the challenger. While roaming around the map in Tank.io free, you need to dodge dangerous situations such as direct shots and remember to watch your back! Besides, you can take advantage of items contained inside boxes scattered across the ground. Always keep an eye on everything in the area and avoid promptly! Try to survive and gather the highest score until the end of the round!

How To Play

Use WASD to move the tank, click to attack

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