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About Taekwon.io

Taekwon.io is a special and exciting MMO RPG game with a big collection including upgrades and power-ups which are always available each time you level up. Join a cool adventure set in a small city and roam around the new map along with other people. Many of them are also your later rivals.

What you can follow after you spawn on the playfield of Taekwon.io game is to practice your skills and make them advanced. So, you should not ignore an interesting popular place called Dojo. It is also known as Dojang. It is a good building in which you will have the time to train several different techniques that are necessary for encounters then. They consist of punching, kicking, and blocking. They are actually useful to defeat opponents in Taekwon.io and defend your life. Once you are sure, you can leave that room to head to another amazing location named Arena and engage in an underground Fighting Ring where you can compete against multiple players and conquer the championship. Play your way and discover much more!

How to play

Press WASD to move, LMB to punch, RMB to kick.

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