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About Swaarm.io

Battle against multiple enemies in Swaarm.io – an epic Tank-themed Agario Style IO game that is free for all! Since it is Agario-inspired game, you will also start small but gradually, you will become bigger! In this title, you take control of a small swarm of 2-3 tanks around the map to increase the size of the swarm. You can do that in two ways, either by eluding other players and focusing on killing bots or hunting down other players and quickly destroying all of them. Both ways are so effective for you to get your swarm larger, however, you should choose it depending on your playing style. If you want to play peacefully, use the first one, but if you want to experience something challenging, use the second one. Whatever way you follow, just make sure you will keep your swarm safe from any harms around you. In case you need to take down opponents, you should use your cunningness and strategies. The goal of Swaarm.io is to top the leaderboard!

How to play

Use the left mouse or spacebar to fire, move your swarm using WASD or arrow keys. Press key Enter to chat or send messages.

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