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About Stone Idle

Stone Idle unblocked is idle game where you will become a talented stone miner. You only need to click on the screen to mine, but you need to upgrade your weapons.

Are you looking for an idle clicker experience to entertain in your spare time? Then you should play Stone Idle game, an online game for you to try all the time. Your task is to mine stones to earn money, thereby becoming a rich miner. But your job is to click continuously on the screen, that’s all.

It’s simple but fun and addictive, that’s why thousands of other players have joined it. You will discover amazing miners and unique upgrade opportunities. At first, try to mine with slow speed and limited resources. But then you can enjoy a smooth mining process with high productivity.

Get better with time in this clicker game for free! Because you can use your coins to unlock many new tools or boost your mining speed easily. Don’t click boring anymore, turn them into clicks with high productivity and big money. You will be an idle and richest strategist here.

Besides the idle gameplay, this HTML5 upgrade online game also possesses rudimentary graphics. The experience space is a 2D screen with some details and tools. But the effects of each click and the music of each click are pretty cool to inspire your mining.

Don’t wait to miss out on many other players’ favorite experiences at Stone Idle. You will be part of an idle mining journey and discover dozens of unique tools. Unlock the most advanced tools to create more stones and from there collect bonuses, are you ready?

How to play

Left click on the stone icon to mine and interact with the tool.

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