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Show off your stomping ability in online! This is a fun battle arena io game with classic gameplay: stomp your opponents to kill them and take their stars to grow your size. You start as just a small player when spawning in the arena. Since you are small, you will not have enough strength to deal with the big players. Try to focus on collecting stars to increase your size! When you stomp a player that is smaller than you, you can make them lose all their stars. But when you stomp a bigger player, you can lose half their stars. Be careful when you confront someone bigger because you will be knocked back farther. Don’t forget to use ledges to get an upper hand on enemies! You can go through ledges from beneath them, not from above. The main goal in unblocked is to become the best stomper in the arena!

How to play

Move your character around the map using the mouse. Pick up stars to grow in size, click the mouse to smash attack and drop straight down. Try to stomp enemies for the stars and don’t get stomped.

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