How long do you think you can survive in game? Play this strategy io game for free in your browser to explore awesome challenges. This io title makes you feel like you are stepping into a Minecraft world because of how similar the game mechanisms are between the two games. You have nothing in your hands when you are in this world, which forces you to go explore and collect some resources for your survival. The first thing you do is to collect wood by hitting trees, the create a wooden pickaxe to collect stones, then, use your collected wood and stones to make a campfire for you to get through the cold in the night. When you feel hungry, you need to find some berries or hunt animals for meat to satisfy your hunger. Pay attention to the map for the areas of the resources because you have to be careful of other enemies, otherwise, you will get killed by them. During the night, you should also seek shelter to stay. At the same time, you must watch out for different monsters coming out and attacking you. Make sure you use some torches or any weapons to scare them away for your survival. Don’t be a defenseless player! You should get some strategies ready to deal with the dangers around you. Keep surviving for as long as possible until you become the best survivor! Play unblocked online in the full-screen mode now!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse to gather resources and craft items.

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