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About Sploop.io

Sploop.io unblocked is an engaging survival game with multiplayer. You will do everything to survive in dangerous environments like mining, crafting, building, fighting.

This survival animal game is the favorite choice of many online gamers. It is simpler than a lot of typical survival games, but its appeal is not small at all. You will be a small animal trying to survive in a dangerous forest. You need to build your base before the enemy attack on the coming night.

Get ready for a survival adventure with everything you have when you play Sploop.io online. To survive, you need to exploit resources such as wood, stone, forest trees and more to craft weapons and build shelters. Everything is not available to pick up for free, so you need to spend time searching and mining.

To mine, you need to make use of the right tools, like axes, hammers, swords, and more. Each type of tool will have a different effect, so you need to choose the right tool to optimize mining efficiency. If you have enough funds, you can shop and upgrade your tools, thereby speeding up progress.

And don’t forget, wars are inevitable in this game. You will have to prepare your weapons to confront wild animals and other survivors. Fighting is necessary, but if possible, you should avoid direct confrontation. A wise defense plan would be better to protect your HP.

Many other games similar to Sploop.io are also available in the browser here, like Starve.io. They have the same gameplay but have many differences, promising many surprises. So if you love this fun survival genre, take your time to experience it all.

How to play

Move character with WASD or arrow keys, attack with E key, interact with items with left mouse

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