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About Splix.io

Play Splix.io game in the Normal or Teams mode and get ready to beat all of the enemies as well as take over the largest territory right now! Take control of a colored dot at the beginning and observe everything around you before you depart from the spawning point and surround the maze that you have targeted. Do not move too far or you cannot deal with dangers happening to your existing kingdom! Just expand your home bit by bit until you dominate the whole map. Aside from that, you should not forget to keep an eye on movements of the opponent. They can approach your home and steal the biggest part whenever. Not only that, you can be attacked and killed. So, do not let anybody run into your trail or you will fail immediately. But, you can use that strategy to rank up. Engage the challenge and show your skill your way! Good luck!

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How to play

Press WASD or arrows to move your dot.

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