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About is a simple but unique unblocked io game. It is an extremely exciting match between heroes. Control one of them and try to collect as many rings as possible! They will represent the score and gathering these items will prove your ability. Especially, you will be able to earn a higher rank and quickly dominate the leaderboard afterward. To take over the top spot and become the champion in free, you do not forget to defend yourself from every attack. Projectiles will be fired from every side of the playfield and you must avoid them promptly or you will lose instantly. Additionally, spike traps will constantly appear or disappear. Evade them or you will be kicked off the map! online is a fast-paced title where you will have to survive before you achieve the goal. Aside from staying away from dangerous obstacles, you can boost your speed to keep you safe. Much fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around, click to speed up

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