Snail Bob

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About Snail Bob

Snail Bob is an interesting adventure HTML5 game. Your mission is to guide a little snail through a world full of challenges and help him solve puzzles on each level.

Snail Bob is an Arcade game online with amazing click mechanics

The game centers on a snail named Bob. His home got damaged by humans and now he must find a way to a new home. So, you will give him a hand on this adventure and help him get to his new home.

You will guide the snail through lots of platform levels full of puzzles. To vanquish a level, you must solve all puzzles on that level. Therefore, the game requires your puzzle-solving skills if you want to win this adventure.

On each level, there are lots of mechanical tools for you to operate. For instance, you have to use levers that let your snail go through in a safe way. As you reach more levels, the game becomes more difficult. Hence, you need to upgrade your skills to solve them.

Besides, trying to solve puzzles on each level, you should also try to find three stars. Finding enough stars will help you unlock more levels.

Snail Bob game has amazing features

As you play the game, you can also explore some amazing features. For instance, the game presents great graphics, artwork, and nice visuals. You have a chance to utilize and master lots of mechanical equipment. Besides, you can also modify the movement speed of Bob.

Snail Bob unblocked has a variety of puzzles for you to play and present your skills. Play Snail Bob online to master it!

How to play

Interact with the mechanical equipment in the game using the left mouse button.

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