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If you want to have a new battle royale io game experience, then unblocked is a game for you. Feel free to play this 2D shooter io game in a browser to show off your skills. You become a solitary warrior moving around a big arena trying to defeat all enemies. You are unarmed when you spawn, so you must collect some weapons, ammo, armor, and chicken drumsticks on the ground. By gearing up yourself, you will find it easier to kill others and more importantly, you can protect yourself from their attacks. Since free online features the battle royale element, it means there can be only one winner! You have to be the last man standing if you want to win and rule the arena. To that end, try your best to defeat all enemies. Besides game, you can explore other io games with the battle royale element too. Have fun with it!

How to play

Use WASD to move your character, shoot enemies using the left mouse button, and collect items using F.

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