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User: Jade Published: 28 March, 2022

Privacy Policy will help you better understand how we use and collect your data. This will ensure everything stays under control and safer.

Privacy Policy is something that any user love playing game this website. We understand that you are no exception, we always want you to understand the policies and privacy issues at this website. This information will help you better understand how we use your information.

Our mission at is to create the best playing field for all users. To do that, we want you to understand the collection of your personal information on this website. Of course, you can also refuse access to information if you wish, by contacting us through email.

Information that we will collect from users

From the first time we use this website, we have collected information from you. But don’t worry, everything is safe and secure, all your information will not be used for any purpose. Here are some types of information that we will collect:

Registration Information: Of course, this is an important type of information that you use to register for an account at this website. This includes display information, profile picture, gender, email address, age, etc. If you wish, you can also use the wrong information to register, we do not require you to use real information.

Activity Content: Any activity you make on this website will be recorded. It includes your gameplay, viewed ads, comments.

Cookies: We believe that cookies are an integral part of the information collection process. Each time your device visits our website, cookie data is only for one account or browser. As a result, the data will be tied to the individual, and a new cookie will appear if you use a new device.

IP Address: Each device will have a unique IP address, and we will record your IP address each time you visit this website.

What purposes do we use your information for?

As the creator of this playground, we must ensure your privacy. We also do that for keeping the system stable and secure. Your information will be on this website until you request it to be deleted or the site is shut down.

Keeping the system stable: It is always an issue that we care about. There are many sources of access to this website so we will try to limit bad access. Therefore, we decided to collect information from all users to control everything.

Meeting user needs: We do not want you to customize when using this website. By using the information you provide, we will try to provide the display that best suits your needs.

Stay in touch with you: There are quite a few cases where we or you need to communicate with each other. So, the contact information you provide will be an effective method to do that. We can send some notifications or anything about the quality of service.

Note, we will not use or share your information with any other organizations. This is necessary, it will help you ensure your rights and feel safe when using the service at this website.

Your rights and obligations with respect to personal information

When you create an account on this website, you can edit or update the information according to your needs. Include email, display name, password, and other information. Everything is very simple, so you can do it yourself.

In addition, you are responsible for the management of your account information. Please do not share your account and password with anyone and do not post illegal content on this website. If found, we reserve the right to ban your account or take other measures.

If there are any problems related to personal information, please send a request to us for supports. You have the right to request that we delete your login information, or not use your information. We’re always listening to you, so don’t be afraid to share anything.

Privacy Policy at this site will be flexible. We believe that changing content is necessary to catch up with the general trend. Therefore, we will notify your email if there are changes here. You can also request to stop receiving notifications at this website if you want.

After reading Privacy Policy, we hope that you will have a better understanding of how we collect information. Our website needs your support. Please send your ideas, we will make everything more and more perfectly.

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