Paperio 3

About Paperio 3

Paperio 3 is an amazing Free For All game which is based on the popular Agario style and similar to Play against multiple enemies throughout the real word and eliminate as many characters as possible. Knocking them off the stage is very important to occupy more spaces and earn the highest rank for a short time. Therefore, you have to act up carefully right from the moment you accept to hop into the arena of Paperio 3. Once you keep your block safe from every attack, you will have the chance to be the winner. You’d better evade every player before they bum into your item. The personal score in Paperio 3 will be dependent on the duration and the number of other opponents you destroy. Are you willing to engage in that interesting match and conquer the leaderboard? Select the server you want and launch your combat now!

paperio 3

How To Play

Use the mouse cursor to navigate your block

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