Om Nom Run

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About Om Nom Run

Play Om Nom Run online now and challenge yourself in running levels. Your mission is to help Om Nom overcome the challenges on the street full of cars to score points.

This game is inspired by many typical endless runner games like Temple Run. However, with its lovely cartoon design, it will attract the love of many online gamers. Get ready to join a fun animal on the streets of Nomville and help him climb the leaderboards.

Om Nom Run for kids includes two modes, one is level mode and the other is endless mode. If you play level mode, you need to complete each level’s own mission to unlock new levels. Whereas, if you play endless mode, you will run continuously forward until you lose.

In any mode, running skills are the most important to decide your victory. On the road, a series of vehicles running in the opposite direction will cause you many difficulties. You need to move flexibly such as jumping, gliding left, gliding right, sliding and more. And the running time will decide your score and bonus.

In the process of playing Om Nom Run unblocked, do not miss valuable items to support. You can see a magnet to help attract gold coins, a shoe to jump high or a booster. So take advantage of them to play easier and increase your survival time on the run.

This animal free online game offers many interesting but difficult challenges. Vehicles will be more and more and faster, requiring your flexibility in moving. So, Om Nom Run will help you discover the fun animated city and new achievement records.

How to play

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move Om Nom

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