About free online is an io game with RPG and battle royale elements. Have fun joining the game now for a new experience. In Nugget Royale unblocked, you play the role of a little chicken fighting for your survival in a factory farm. There are other chickens around you. All of you are stuck in a chicken cage, on top of a disk above a grinder. There is no balance for the disk, so if a chicken falls off of it, they will be destroyed and become a chicken nugget. When the battle starts, you have to control your chicken around the disk carefully eating a lot of corn to get your size bigger. This helps grow your strength as well. You will have enough strength to push other chickens off of the disk while defending yourself from being pushed by them. Keep growing your size for a big advantage and try your best to survive until you are the last chicken standing on the disk, which makes you the winner in game! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your chicken, press the spacebar to jump, hold spacebar to dash, and hold it in the air to fly. Double tap the movement keys to sprint.

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