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About Minesweeper.io

Minesweeper.io unblocked takes inspiration from the classic Minesweeper game you already played on Windows in the past. Now, with the multiplayer element featured in this io title, you will compete against players from around the world on the same board. All of you are ready to race against each other to see who will clear the most mines at the same time. The main goal here is to get the most points by clearing all mines without touching a bomb. If you don’t touch bombs, you will earn a lot of points. You see that there are numbers on the board showing how many bombs are adjacent to it. You must determine that there is a hidden mine then place a flag on it. If a square is revealed with a bomb without being flagged, the bomb will be triggere

How to play

Use the left mouse button to reveal a square, the right mouse button to place a flag. Just click and hold the mouse to place a flag.

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