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About Lordz.io

Lordz.io is a free classic multiplayer game based on Agario style. As in Squadd.io, you will become a commander and lead a small army at the start. Move all people carefully and pick up as much gold as possible! Save enough coins and you will be able to buy stronger units and build up houses to increase the number of soldiers as expected. Aside from growing, you shouldn’t forget to defend them by setting up towers. They will fire weapons to destroy nearby enemies.

Play Lordz.io online in browser you are also taking part in an exciting Medieval Warfare! It is a great place to show and hone your management ability. Can you create and assemble the biggest force ever? Remember to search for the most appropriate strategies within Lordz.io unblocked! One of them is involved in finding food. Don’t let anybody starve! Additionally, attempt to gather resources and own faithful troops! It’s necessary to opt for the right warriors so you can get an edge over rivals and rank up! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate the army, Spacebar to split it, E to choose houses, R to towers, T to soldiers, Y to knights, U to archers, I to barbarians, O to dragons, Esc to quit

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