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About is a massive and challenging snake game that is playable free in browsers. You will compete against enemy snakes around the world and try your hardest to become the biggest snake of them all to dominate the arena. Little Big Snake unblocked is set in a vivid world full of creatures. You will start an adventure by slithering your way through this world trying to eat tons of colored orbs dispersed on the ground. This is how you evolve a small snake into a big one through over time. By simply eating orbs, you can reach a good size. Then, you can encircle other snakes to have them run into your body, or speed up to bypass and cut them off. Make sure you eliminate them then eat their remains to grow your size even bigger. You aim to become the biggest snake on the leaderboard. online features many quests, achievements, and rewards. Play it now!

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate your snake through the arena and speed it up by clicking the left mouse button.

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