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About lets you battle against multiple players in different game modes. Pick your preferred game then start to style your weapons loadout before joining a battle. is an io multiplayer game with a nice art style and lots of game modes

In multiplayer game, it is your choice to play with your teammates or play as a solo player. Besides, the game also features a parkour mode with a unique gameplay mechanic. So, you simply pick the one you like then start your battle.

Since the game also features many weapons, you can customize your own to make sure they fit the style you play. Every game mode has its own unique characteristics. You will have fun and have chances to express your battling skills.

Elements that make 3D interesting

There are 34 levels featured in the game in three game modes. Hence, you can join them to improve and express your skills.

Every mode is fun. It lets you play as a solo player who tries to increase the number of kills or join a team and play with teammates. The parkour mode is also fun to play when you utilize the jumping skills to vanquish it.

Another fun part of the game is character and weapon customization. In other words, you choose a weapons loadout as well as a character then customize them to your preference. You can make the inventory full of weapons and skins by buying chests.

No matter what mode you play, you have to try your best to get high scores to grow your rank on the leaderboards. The game has daily quests that you can join to get gold. For more fun, you can also join the community in the game where you meet friends. unblocked will be a new io game option for you to play. Join it now and choose a mode then play it with your friends to show your skills to them.

How to play

Move your character in the game arena using WASD. Jump in the arena using the spacebar. Shoot enemies with the left mouse button and use the right mouse button to aim at them. Crouch in the arena using Shift. Dash through the arena using E. Change weapons using number keys 1, 2, and 3.

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