About Inky

In a Slither style io game called Inky, you will have a new chance to present your slithering ability through a big map killing all enemies around you. Rather than being a common snake, in Inky unblocked, you play as a paper snake. When you step into the arena, you are too small to fight off others. Hence, you must wander around the map eating a lot of pipes to grow your body. You need to eat them as much as you can until you become a big snake. Then, you can use your big body to encircle other enemies around you as well as make them run into your body. You should take chances to eat them so you can increase your size much bigger. Like, you have to fight for the top place on the leaderboard and get crowned as the biggest snake in the arena in Inky unblocked. Much fun!

How To Play

Move your snake around the arena using the mouse.

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