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Get ready to paint a lot of areas on a big map in unblocked! You must build a big territory for your team using a wide array of weapons and splash tubes. Fighting with a team is very fun as you will get some help from your team members when you get stuck or in trouble. There are two teams in game, including the Purples and the Greens. The mission for each team is to paint as many areas as possible to build dominance. You must make your way through the map carefully when trying to pain the areas. Try to work with the teammates skillfully because, without teamwork, it will be hard to win. Watch out for the moves of your opponent team and try to speculate what they are up to do so you can cope with them in time. If your team has a good performance, you will get some money that allows you to purchase items from the shop. Join it now and have fun!

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How To Play

Move your character around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse to splash ink on the map.

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