About HiveSweeper

In a fun bee-themed called HiveSweeper, you have to fight for the goal of becoming the best bee with the biggest bee hive in the arena. You will fight against 5 other bees in this title, so prepare your skills in advance. Make your way through the map claiming more tiles then use them to expand your bee hive. As you play, you have to be careful about deadly traps. If you make a mistake or use up tiles, you will be eliminated. When you suspect a tile to have a trap, make sure you leave a flag on it. But if you incorrectly flag a safe tile, the game will be over. To kill enemies, you should claim all of their tiles or lure them into activating your traps. Develop your strategies through over time and use them to get an upper hand on enemies. Will you build the biggest territory in your bee hive? Play unblocked now!

How To Play

Move your bee using the mouse, click the left mouse to claim “safe” tiles, the right mouse to claim “trap” tiles. Click the left mouse and drag to pan the camera around the hive.

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