Guns of Rage

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About Guns of Rage

Guns of Rage is a free-to-play online battle 2D game. It takes you to numerous worlds and you should conquer your missions before you can unlock and get upgrades.

Moreover, there are many levels to experience. At each level, it’s important for you to beat rivals and stay alive. Don’t forget to destroy bosses! Then, you’ll gain rewards that allow you to make your tools with other items become stronger.

Actually, there are a lot of weapons to play Guns of Rage fullscreen online your way. Check out the latest arsenal and use up your possibilities to win against every quest now!

How to play

Roam around the area with arrow keys or WASD Shoot and cause damage with LCtrl or Left Mouse Jump to avoid a dangerous attack or object with Space Switch equipment with Q Show skills with R Utilize a grenade with E Select to use the health pack with F.

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