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Play a fun-addicting multiplayer online game and fight against all of the enemies from over the world! Every character in the new battle will be divided into two teams, the Red and the Blue. After being connected with the challenge, you should move carefully. If you are seen by somebody from the other side, you can be killed soon.

Climbing up to a higher place in free will allow you to watch everything and everybody better. Not only that, you are also recommended to find out appropriate strategies. As well, you need to improve your skills such as aiming before you knock down the foes. Aside from tips and tricks, teaming up with allies will increase the winning chance significantly. In case your party gets enough 100 kills before the opponent, your group will win. Are you ready to take part in the combat and unlock hidden achievements? Good luck!

How to play

Choose WASD to move your gunman, LMB to shoot, Right Mouse to aim, R to reload, Shift to run, Space to jump, 1-2 to pick weapons

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