About is a cool Agario style .io game developed by Okam Studio. Start as a Gaucho – a South American cowboy/rancher, control a horse and play your way towards toward the center of the map while collecting a large number of cattle. Indeed, you are able to stun the animals which are roaming around the pampas to claim and make them engage your flock. You can find a lot of cows which are not owned whilst you are riding. However, you must keep an eye on the other herdsmen in the surroundings because they can collide with you can create a combat. Try to avoid or beat the opponent to win scores as well as dominate the leaderboard sooner! Be careful! Do not get close to any rival who is stronger or more crowded than you! Otherwise, they will have the chance to remove your fleet. Let’s embark on the new job and become the top player!

gauch io, gluch io

How To Play

Press RMB to move, Space to defeat cows and add them to your herd.

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