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About FOWz

FOWz is a battle royale game featuring Tower Defense element. You are going to enter a tough fight with multiple rivals from across the world. You make your way through a huge playing area and put your efforts into breaking all various objects to slay your enemies. You’d better stay watchful tough as those rivals can do the same to you, and in case you cannot avoid their attacks, it will be a game over for you. To defend yourself, you must use an epic spin attack which helps you fight off any objects exploding around you. Through over time, you can buy brand new characters or even employ new items to recover your health and stamina, enabling you to come back to the fight easily. Conquering the entire Fowz arena has never been an easy thing, but do not let this difficulty discourage you! Just try your hardest to overcome all challenges and come out as the final victor!

How to play

Perform the movement using the mouse, click the right mouse to attack and use the left mouse to protect yourself.

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