Effing Worms

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About Effing Worms

Effing Worms unblocked is 2D action game with fast paced gameplay. You will be a giant worm that is hungry for meat and must act to find prey, even animals and people.

This game gives you endless wars between giant worms and humans. It has a bit of horror but is not obvious thanks to the friendly and simple design. You can magine your hunts as a law of nature. You are hungry and your food is on the ground, jump up and catch them!

The gameplay of the game is really simple that anyone can play it from the first time. But to conquer it, you need strategy and flexible movement skills. Your prey on the ground will run when they see you, a giant worm. So make a wise move to catch them all and fill your hungry stomach.

Your worm will get bigger after eating a certain prey. The more it eats, the stronger and faster it will be to hunt more prey. Your food is dairy cows, deer, and even humans. But never mind about it, this is just an online action adventure to test your skills.

Despite the action style, this game is still very close to many players. That’s thanks to the simple 2D graphic design and the vibrant soundtrack throughout the journey. Control is equally simple with keyboard operations.

Effing Worms without flash will be a great choice for you to entertain with worms. Join it and immerse yourself in the real adventure to hunt your prey. You can eat whatever you want but they are not available. Act on your hunger in this game, and discover more action games in the browser here.

How to play

Move left/right with AD or arrow keys Jump up with W or up arrow, pause by clicking Space

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