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About DashCraft.io

DashCraft.io unblocked is a great game for you to design tracks and race with others. Get ready to share your creative ideas and invite your friends to join the race.

Different from the usual io games online, this game allows you to design your own racing tracks. It gives you more tools to add to your track, and then share it with everyone to enjoy the epic races together. And music is with you every step of the way.

You can add checkpoints, ramps, boosters, and unique winding ramps. Combine them together to create a race full of challenges and fun. Don’t forget to add colorful spices and beautiful neon lights to make it come to life like never before.

After designing the track in this multiplayer racing game, choose your favorite car. There are many options for you and most of them are modern and wild supercars. But you should consider the parameters of the car before choosing to achieve the speed you want on the track.

Races are always fun but challenging because you have to compete with many top real racers. Share your own track or race on someone else’s track, it’s a great feeling! But you need to do your best to beat all your opponents and climb the world leaderboard when you play DashCraft.io online.

Don’t hesitate, this is the best racing game you will ever try on web browser here. DashCraft.io gives you the opportunity to enjoy colorful races and explore a wide range of amazing cars. And this is the only place for you to design your own track and decide your ranking by your ability.

How to play

Move the car left/right with A/D or left/right arrow Accelerate with W or up arrow, brake with S or down arrow

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