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About DarkNova.io

DarkNova.io unblocked is a space shooter game with top-down gameplay and team-based element. You become a member of the red team or the blue team trying to protect your gem and plant bombs to destroy the opponent team in the space arena. This io title consists of many rounds to conquer. If you join the game while in the middle of the round, you become a spectator until the next round, but all rounds go very fast, so you don’t have to wait for it too long.

Each team has a gem to defend! You and your teammates must kill the rival team then take their gem while protecting yours during the battle. After taking their gem, return to your base quickly before you take damage from them. To annihilate the rival team, you can plant many bombs. This will allow you to blow them up fast. But if they plant bombs to kill your team, quickly defuse the bombs and avoid taking damage from them. As you kill rivals, your score will be increased, and if you secure your team’s victories, you will get more cash that can be spent on different ships and modifications for the next round. If you are low on money, just hang back and collect modifications dropped by dead players. Your big goal in DarkNova.io free is to guide your team to the ultimate victory. Play it now for free! Much fun!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, use H to open the help menu, P to open the shop, and F11 to play in the full-screen mode.

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