Dangerous Space Flight

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About Dangerous Space Flight

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an owner of a rocket company selling tours to the stars? Join Dangerous Space Flight game right now to make your dream come true! This space-themed Upgrades game is all about running a company and you are tasked with building a rocket, attracting customers, selling tickets then blasting off. All of those tasks will be carried out in a competitive way as you will compete against other players who are also doing those missions just like you. Try your hardest to sell as many tickets as possible for earning a good profit. Once you have earned some money, use it to upgrade your ship and make it travel further in a safer way. The way you compete with other rivals in terms of building rockets will determine the amount of money you will make. Make use of your own ship to go explore other stars as well, and work your way to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best player! Have fun!

How to play

 Interact with the elements and objects in the game using the mouse. 

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