Cubic Tower

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About Cubic Tower

If you think you have a great tower-stacking skill, why don’t you show it off in Cubic Tower – an entertaining classic free-for-all web browser multiplayer game? Give it a shot now and start to compete against many opponents from across the world. The in-game mission is to stack many blocks on top of each other for generating a big tower. There are standard blocks that won’t have any influences, but the game also has some special character blocks with discrepant special abilities. You can make use of them to your advantage, but sometimes they can cause problems for your building, so be careful! When you build the tower, you will earn a lot of coins that can be used to purchase discrepant block characters. Try your hardest to make your tower as high as possible and prevent it from collapsing, or else you will have to begin the game again from scratch. Are you ready for the stacking challenge? Give it a try now!

How to play

Stack the blocks to create a giant tower using the spacebar or the left mouse.

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