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About Crowded City io free game

Crowded City io free game is a very cool zombies game in which you control your own zombie around a big city and you aim to build the largest crowd possible. In the beginning, you are so weak for everything! Therefore, you must go absorb more humans that are moving around the city, or if you have good strategies, you can use them to steal zombies from the enemy crowds. By doing so, the size of your group will become much bigger, and through over time, you will get more confidence in killing enemies. During the course of the fight, not only will you slay enemies, but you also have to defend your crowd from other players. They will do any evil schemes to decrease your size, causing you to lose a chance of winning. Crowd City io online game unblocked is just the same as Crowd City Mobile app game. Get ready for it now!

How to play

Use the arrow keys or mouse to control your zombie crowd around the city.

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