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About is a fun MMORPG io game where you need to play strategically to become the best leader. It is about an online multiplayer match. Explore a classic playfield with your team and command them carefully. You should capture the enemy’s general before they do the same for you. It will be the key that allows you to win the round. When you expand your territory in unblocked, you are also reaching the goal. It is an important element to grow your own army and get stronger. So, it will be easier for you to defeat the rival in a short time. Eliminate their King and remember to occupy their land after that! free will offer several different modes to choose from at the start. You are able to practice with bots or hop into a cool 1v1 competition or engage in an addictive Battle Royale style challenge. Meanwhile, the tutorial is very helpful for the newbie to master the rules. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to pick a tile, WASD to walk, 1 to build a castle, 2 to plant bombs, Q to discard every move, E to delete the last move, Shift to split the troop

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