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CELLX is an Agario style game placed in the middle of an ocean filled with tons of resources and enemies. Play against multiple rivals throughout the real world and build the most powerful cell as soon as possible! You are jumping into a crazy match where you can face lots of aggressive players who have the same goal. Try to outplay and dominate the top spot quickly!

Firstly, you can start CELLX by finding food. They are scattered across the playfield. Just approach and consume them to grow and evolve. Besides, you can set up yourself as a grid of interlocking pieces which are capable of defending and attacking. You’d better create an elite army in CELLX if you’d like to climb up to the highest position on the ranking. Once you accumulate parts, you can own new creatures and a larger troop. Be careful! If the main body is dead, the rest will disappear afterward. Get ready to achieve the best score now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around the map, 1-9 to build cell

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