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About unblocked is one of the best zombies io games online inspired by Minecraft. game is taken in a huge world where you can build your own structures and fly high your imagination. You are like a caveman that is armed with two basic things: pickaxe and sword. These items must be used wisely when you try to gather various resources for your survival. Once you earned yourself some resources, use them to craft advanced weapons and other useful tools. Then, you start placing some blocks down on the ground for generating structures. In case someone wants to fight you off partake in the battle and use your crafted items to defeat all enemies and defend yourself from their attacks. The main objective in online is to build a giant world following your own style and turn yourself into the best caveman of all! Good luck to you!

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How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse button to assault, collect items or place a block. Use the number keys to change an item, key Shift to sneak and key E to open the crafting or the shop menu.

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