Call of War: World War 2

About Call of War: World War 2

Call of War: World War 2 unblocked is a new installment in Call of War series. This io game lets you play the role of a leader who has to lead his army through an epic war and tries to defeat all enemy units for the ultimate victory. To become the winner, you must play the game with smart strategies as well as good tactics. There are two types of powers for your selection, the Axis and the Allied. You should pick one of them before entering the battle. Also, try to make smart decisions on some aspects, including infantry placement, attack types, tank types, and armor. You don’t only fight against enemies in this title, but you also have to develop your country by producing goods and trading them with other players. You are on the way to become the best leader! Play Call of War: World War 2 free online now! Have fun with it!

How To Play

The mouse is used for interacting with objects, controlling your character, and navigating the menus in the game.

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