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About is a multiplayer 4D game with a lot of game modes for players to play. You choose your favorite mode and vanquish the challenges and mission in that mode. is an iO game inspired by Minecraft

The game is like a Minecraft game online due to similar graphics and a variety of game modes. Hence, if you are a fan of Minecraft, then you will want to give a try. The game also features many game modes. So, before you play it, you will choose your preferred mode to play. has a variety of game modes for you to choose from to play

There are five game modes for your selection and experience. The first mode you can play is In this mode, you have to get to the end of the map before the time runs out. Therefore, you try to jump through the level in a parkour-style onto blocks with different sizes.

You can also try playing another mode called DoodleCube. It is a drawing mode where you have to make objects based on the theme that the game gives. Then, other players will vote for you. Or, you can play the EvilTower mode. You have to get to the top of the Evil Tower using your parkour skills.

If you want to play something creative, then Peaceful mode is your choice. It lets you explore the world to gather resources and build buildings. There is also another mode named CubeWarfare. This mode brings battles where you have to defeat enemies and create blocks. unblocked lets you play as well as explore lots of fun worlds with different game modes. You can play the game with your friends and other players for an amazing experience.

How to play

General controls:

• Move your character by using WASD. You can run by using Shift or double-use W.

• To crouch, you utilize C, Z, X, as well as Caps Lock.

• To chat with your friends, you can use T or Enter.

• Visit the in-game shop using B and begin a command using “\”.

Controls in DoodleCube mode:

• The right mouse button allows you to put some blocks.

• The left mouse button allows you to damage the placed blocks.

• To change blocks, you can use the number keys or the middle button on the mouse.

Some commands in the game:

• /rtv: You can vote to skip the map.

• /players: Check the players who are currently in your lobby.

• /xp: Check your level as well as XP.

• /played: View the amount of time you have spent having fun.

• /nobuffs: Explore the maps without increasing your rank on a different leaderboard.

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