Bellum: Legacy

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About Bellum: Legacy

Bellum: Legacy is an incredible idle strategy game inspired by a familiar classic game. Check out the own shooting skill in a war against other enemies from around the world. Enter a map in which you need to kill as many opponents as possible to rank up. Moreover, you should take control of the top spot on the leaderboard for a long time. You can eliminate the target by capturing their bases. Or, you are able to look for the peace with them. You are allowed to do whatever you want in order to get to the position you expect. In Bellum: Legacy, you will experience in rounds. Click on “+ 1 military power” after you spawn. Remember that the military power (MP) is the major resource. Use it to conquer other territories. Gain much more by tapping on the “+1 MP” bar or buying units. Get stronger and you can make others wary when they’d like to invade your home. Good luck!

bellum legacy
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How To Play

Use the left mouse button to control your army.

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