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About BapBap

Free BapBap unblocked is an action game where you experience a cool battle royale style with various skills. Roam around the current and you can find your target!

In the multiplayer survival online match, you can use rocks to cover or to prepare for the coming hit. If you join a team, try to work with other heroes skillfully! There’s a ranking and you can win the top position if you stay alive and have the highest score.

BapBap battle game is a new html5 unblocked playfield where you can get another exciting feeling. Good luck!

How to play

Wander with WSDA keys Attack the nearby target with Left-click Use abilities 2 and 3 with Q and Spacebar Check the ultimate skill with E Interact with the F key Heal the hero with R Cancel using your ability with C Drop your items with 1, 2, 3 Release your potion with 4 Drop the gold with 5 Lock the game camera with Y Chat with other people by choosing Enter Select emotes with V

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