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ARCHERz is a challenging strategy game in which you have to build a big army of archers to fight against lots of other enemies in the same arena. If you add more archers to your side, you can assign them to important tasks, such as killing enemies and collecting gold coins on the jungle map. You can add up to 100 archers for every army, and each archer is armed with different abilities and attacks. You should make use of them to get an upper hand on other players as well as stop them from killing you. Remember fighting should go along with collecting gold coins. They are the two crucial missions you must carry out during the course of the battle in ARCHERz free game. Once your army has become the biggest one on the server, you know that you can rule the arena! Are you ready? Join the game now and show off your skills!

How to play

Use the mouse for the movement, click the left mouse to attack enemies and press number keys 1-9 for the bow.

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