Angry Worms

About Angry Worms

Get ready to become a merciless worm that likes to kill everything in Angry Worms – another fantastic IO game inspired by In the game, you start making your way through the map in an attempt to eat up multiple tasty objects dispersed on the floor. Like in other Snake games before, the more objects you consume, the bigger the mass you will reach, meaning you will be able to kill other opponent worms using your big body. You can block their head with your body to destroy them and give them no chances to escape. They will end up crashing into you for sure. The same can happen to you if you don’t defend yourself! Therefore, try to watch out for your surroundings and stay away from aggressive worms before they attack you. Start small but you will gradually get bigger and then reach the top rank on the leaderboard to rule the arena.

angry worms io

How To Play

The worm is controlled using the mouse. Speed it up using the left/right mouse.

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