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About unblocked and try a different gameplay. It’s an interesting combination between the among game and the multiplayer role-playing style of imposter.

You will see the fun character images of the game Among Us in this experience. But everything changes when you are not an astronaut or a rogue. Now, you master your astronaut and find ways to expand the trenches in the bustling online battlefield.

Your mission is to expand your space to survive just like you used to in the Slither style game. But you need a clear strategy to grow and still be safe. Many other players also have their own expansion quests, and they will not hesitate to make your territory part of theirs.

So this is a simple but fierce battle for survival. There, you have to grow up faster than everyone else or nothing in this world. You need to move skillfully to expand your territory while staying away from other invaders. But you can also be an aggressor if you are wise and brave enough.

If you conquer other people’s territory, you will grow up many times faster. That is the reason for the underground competition between you and many other players. You can use your power and effective acceleration skills to surprise the enemy, and you will receive sweet big spoils.

Not only that, you need to pay attention to your every move in You must not step on your own or someone else’s territory, or you will start from scratch. Play like a true strategist and master the online multiplayer battlefield, can you do that now?

How to play

Use the mouse to move on the map and create closed loops to expand the territory

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