About Adversator

Adversator is an RPG MOBA game that is playable online for free in a browser. The game requires you to prepare a lot of strategies and tactics to conquer. You will compete against many rivals from across the world in the same lobby. You can pick your character from the three available, including Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Strength is way more powerful than Intelligence, but not as strong as Agility. Intelligence can defeat Agility but cannot beat Strength, Agility is stronger than Strenght, but is not able to beat Intelligence. You’d better keep these rules in mind during the course of the fight so as to deal damage to your rivals more easily. The main goal of Adversator is to demolish the opponent’s main building while attempting to defend yours. Remember to develop your tactics so you can get an upper hand on your enemies. Jump into the action and use your skills to conquer all challenges now!

How To Play

Use the right mouse for the movement, press keys AZERTY/QWERTY to use an item, move the camera using arrow keys, lock the camera using key C, and press the spacebar to focus camera.

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