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About 123shoot.io

123shoot.io is not a simple .io game. It is the mix between Agario and Slither styles. Be prepared to take part in a space combat against multiple players in the same arena and take over the top spot. Beat all of the enemies and dominate the whole map as soon as possible! You will start with a rocket and have the chance to experience the rule of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’. The item that you are given can speed up with the energy around the playfield. They are scattered randomly. They will bring to you a temporary boost. You should select 1 2 3 keys properly and capture the target after that. Numbers will represent the abilities that you are granted. Just fly throughout the place and get close to somebody. Next, change your form right away. It is also the proper strategy to surprise the other opponents and attack them. Do not approach those who are stronger than you! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, press 1 to rock stance, 2 to paper stance, 3 to scissors stance.

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